Sponsors This show brought to you by Ringing Restorations - Entrust the care of your bells to the very best! Contact Monica McGowan at BellsInMinnesota@integraonline.com Main Show Topic - insert topic here Responses to last week's Question of the Week After Rhythms, whats next? Music Review   Title Soul Adorn Yourself with Gladness Composer/Arranger Sandra [...]
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Introductions This show brought to you by Michele, Maryann, Tim, Linda, Music Mom, Carlene and Doug - Thank You for your continued support. Hot Topics - Handbell Buzz Beer - http://thatsnerdalicious.com/beer/how-to-keep-yor-beer-bottles-in-tune/ The new Notation Guide is Here! HRGB Forums From our Listeners - Emails and Voice Mails Two Voice Mails from Doug Talking Techniques - [...]
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Handbell Podcast this week has been canceled. Paul lost his voice and needs the night to look under the couch, in the trunk, behind the door and in the garage to see if he can find it before he teaches tomorrow. Join us next week for our continued discussion on New Ringer Instruction.
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